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Happy Sunday! I have found a brand new clean Christian Military Romance to warm you up on this chilly Sunday by author Angel Atkins. Author of The Miracle of Prayer and Heaven Sent just to name a few. Get inspired by love again.

Clint is an honorable Navy SEAL, on leave from tour of duty to say his final respects to the last remaining member of his family

Having lost his memory after a terrible car crash, Clint was cared for by the State, going from Foster home to Foster home.

Tessa is a beautiful spirit, all be it somewhat naive at times, having been fooled more than once by her philandering boyfriend Liam

But, Tessa finds herself somehow talked in to repeatedly giving him chance after chance at reconciliation. But it seems the final straw has finally come.

Liam, bad-boy billionaire and heart-breaker is devilishly handsome, yet even more devilish in his sweet talking and scheming ways

He finds he has everything to lose, should girlfriend Tessa and best bud Clint make each other acquaintance, and they do; after Clint arrives at Liam’s yacht in tears only to find Tessa rushing out in tears.

As fate would have it, life catches up with Liam. What unravels is a compelling tale of betrayal, manipulation, and injustice soon about to do a 180 in this suspense-filled, mysterious clean love story, when truth, faith and honor prevail.

Note: Mature content referred to, no explicit language included.
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He rested his head against the seat and took deep breaths. His heart tightened with all the sadness he felt. Aside from his Seal brothers, he didn't have family. He was orphaned just before he turned nine and couldn't remember anything from his life before that, which meant he had no idea if he had any family at all - though he guessed he didn't, after all, his childhood was spent alternating between group homes and foster care.

The only family he had - or felt he had - was uncle Kevin and his nephew, Liam. Although he had only stayed with Uncle Kevin and his wife Violet for a few months just before he turned 18 and went off to college, they formed a good friendship that lasted over 15 years.

Through all of life's ups and downs - violent death, Clint deployment, and now uncle Kevin's death - they had remained as close as family, which was a gift from God for Clint. The grief he felt over uncle Kevin's death was what brought him to San Francisco during his two week leave.

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