After watching my first Superbowl

You have to excuse me because I am still learning about the different sports. So this post comes from a non sports enthusiast.

I watched my first full Super Bowl at home with my husband on Sunday, commercials and all. I would like to thank Domino's for their awesome, easy to use app and fast, delicious, delivery of our game day eats!

The build up
This past weekend we all enjoyed the pre SuperBowl excitement. The lead up to what promised to be a fantastic match-up, but in my opinion was a bit of a lack luster game. We hashtagged #SB50 and gathered in front of the flat screens. Those who were lucky enough to sit stadium side enjoyed almost 80 degree weather. This year I actually sat and watched the whole thing with my husband. In past years I would only watch the commercials and the halftime show. I enjoyed many of the pregame awards, interviews and features.

The game
Was it me or did it seem that all through the game Cam Newton seemed Like he was given some bad news right before the game or something?  I cannot even imagine the pressure one would have being on a world stage such as the Superbowl but something just seemed ...I guess the word I am looking for is.. not right. I was disappointed that they (The Panthers)  lost and true I don't watch enough football to know if this is how it is to watch football normally. But I wonder if maybe it was a scripted game. I don't say that to take anything away from Peyton Manning. He can go out on a high note if he desires. And as an aside, I was really getting tired of everyone harping on his age. We all get older. But overall. we are staying younger a lot longer, so give it a rest.

Now, the hubby stated before the game, that the defense of the Broncos was something fierce. I saw first hand that was no understatement. I asked him several times why The Panther offense was not blocking for Cam. The offense seemed to fold in on itself and could not keep up with the Bronco's defensive line. Cam also looked weary, like he needed a 5 hour energy or something.  I guess they were sorely outmatched. That one dude that pulled the guy down by his face-mask seemed to be playing a little dirty, don't you think? I could understand 1 or 2 sacks but 5 or more? Now I suppose that I  will be hearing #stripsack for the next few months.  It also seemed that a few calls were not quite right and that went for both sides of the field.  The Broncos defense was crushingly fast and precise. So I wonder if that look that was on Cam's face was premature defeat? But through loss we gain strength and learn. The Panthers will have some time to lick their beaten and battered defensive wounds and come back and try again. Congrats to the Broncos!

The entertainment
Lady Gaga did a great job on the National Anthem. It was cool to see that they ran the words across the stadium ...a sure fire way to make sure it was sung properly. The Super Bowl 50 halftime show. Yaaassss! ColdPlay, Beyonce and Bruno Mars were amazing on stage. But, was it just me or did Bey almost fall down and then there was that little bit of upstaging. I loved the Global Citizen theme.  The flashbacks of previous Super Bowl  entertainers, that was genius and touching.

The Super Bowl 50 commercials 
This year the commercials were not as spectacular as I expected either but they were pretty unforgettable.
The Mountain Dew  Puppymonkeybaby...WTF was that? I definitely get the idea of the ad,  but I don't want that image running around in my head, I would like to sleep again sometime in the future.

I did like the PayPal ad, the multitude of car ads like the Jeep ad,(Whoop Whoop Jeep owner right here!) Prius chase ad and Hyundai ads.  The satire in the TMobile ad was cute...I still love Verizon though.
The Doritos ad with the sonogram was funny but the Bud Light Party commercial was MEH. especially with all the build up...I think it fell a little flat with the two comedians. Give me stallions any day of the week Budweiser.

Will I watch the SuperBowl next year? Not sure yet. I will definitely check out the commercials and Halftime show.

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