Where books go to Die

I discovered, who is now, one of my favorite authors in a discount book bin in Winn Dixie.

I have found books in Staples, Dollar Stores and Thrift Shops, GoodWills, Family Dollar, Dollar General, Dollar Tree and most recently in Old Time Pottery. Yes... Old Time Pottery.


books found in Old Time Pottery for under $3.00 photo by SL Thomson

So is this the last stop in the retail life of a hardback or soft cover fiction book? 

Is this where books go to die?
The random small section of a store known for selling other stuff. 

Not at all. It opens your writing up to a whole new set of readers. 
How much are they getting these books for anyways? Pennies on the dollar I would guess.  The cool thing about it, is the level of surprise and unexpectedness you feel, when you find a book you want to read for a great price. This is where cover art and title really shine.

When I found the books pictured above, I was actually looking for forks. Yes forks. No, not the town in the Twilight series. Amazingly adventurous as my life may be. No, I did not find the forks I was searching for, but instead, found a table full of beauties such as those pictured above and even a Christine Feehan novel that I left there. It was a hard choice, believe me. I will return to that store because it left me with a good experience. Bookworm finds books=total happiness.

Since I am on a budget, I only allowed myself to spend $5 which meant just two books... The horror, I know. (Please feel free to make a donation to my blog at anytime or pay for a promo service)

What weird or unexpected places have you found books? Have they turned into your favorite authors? Isn't it frustrating when you find an author like this and then find out the book you chose is in the middle of the series....UGH that is the worst ...especially if it is not a standalone. You have to buy all the books up to it in the series on your e-reader and then go back to the paperback and then buy the rest on the e-reader. Am I the only one who does this?

Where are these book auctions anyways? I think I would like to go and rescue some of them. $20 books for just 2.00 why yes please. Anyways just another day in the life of a self proclaimed book worm. Thanks for reading. 

Oh and where are my manners?!!! If you want to get your own copies of the books above: 
For anyone obsessed with Pride & Prejudice, it's Darcy and Elizabeth like you've never see them before!

This modern take introduces us to the wealthy philanthropist Fitzwilliam Darcy, a handsome and brooding bachelor who yearns for love but doubts any woman could handle his obsessive tendencies. Meanwhile, Dr. Elizabeth Bennet has her own intimacy issues that ensure her terrible luck with men.

When the two meet up in the emergency room after Darcy's best friend, Charles Bingley, gets into an accident, Elizabeth thinks the two men are a couple. As Darcy and Elizabeth unravel their misconceptions about each other, they have to decide just how far they're willing to go to accept each other's quirky ways...

Seven Years to Sin - a classic erotic romance - by Sylvia Day - author of the sensational international bestselling Bared to You, first book in the Crossfire series - is a smart, sensual story of a young woman's sexual awakening at the hands of a handsome rogue in Regency England.

Seven years ago, on the eve of her wedding, young Lady Jessica Sheffield witnessed a scandalous seduction by the roguish Alistair Caulfield. But after years of serene but unfulfilling marriage, she still cannot free her dreams of this illicit liaison. So when newly widowed Jessica steps aboard Caulfield's ship for a transatlantic passage, years of denied pleasure and passion will be unleashed in the most provocative way . . .


For the love of reading….So many books…only two eyes. -SL Thomson



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