3 Shades Of Naughty

Romance. Erotica. Kink

Our guilty little pleasure sandwiched between 2 hardcovers.

Depending on the day and your favorite author that pretty much sums up the categories.
Yep that about does it. Shhhh! It's a secret. The ridiculously titled "mommy porn"  and yes I am air quoting. Why don't we just call it what it is. There are plenty of happy well adjusted, successful people that read books in these genres.

Are we afraid of some stigma attached? Are we any better than the person who watches porn. I like to think my imagination is much more fulfilling....and I am not running the risk of bumping into the actor or actress at the grocery store. And no I don't think it means anything is wrong with your relationship. It is just our human desire for sex, sensuality and to be honest, turned on.

As younger readers we seem to start innocently enough with the stories of love and romance. The perpetual song and dance of courtship. The cutesy young adult dating. Usually a great adventure or story keeps it safe.

As you get older, If you are feeling in that loving mood and want the fairy tale you pick up your favorite Romance author grab a nice cup of tea and snuggle up on the sofa with soft music playing and dive into heavy banter, stolen kisses and respectable watered down lovemaking.  The always a virgin with perfect proportions and long flowing hair scenarios. Luckily today's newer authors are shattering these preconceived, trite ideas of what romance should look like and smell like.
The payout being small snippets of intimacy doled out in bite size pieces. You read and re-read the hot pages. Non crude language gets us to the same place right?

Then one day it happens, your best friend shares a book with you that you really have to read...but not at work. You may even feel a little guilty as you delve into porn in written form.  Or maybe you are free and happy and secure with yourself and get to enjoy it for what it is. You get to use your imagination about the characters and lets face it, the dubbed in or fake oohs and aahs are refreshingly muted. A lot of times the short stories don't even bother with a story line. And you know what? We don't even care! You can get your fill of any fetish you may be curious about in the safety of your own e-reader.  Perhaps even be inspired to try something new.

Book descriptions indicate what type of stories you are in for so no unexpected surprises other than what the author devises. It's exciting to be able to shop your favorite pleasure! So pour yourself a glass of wine, lay out the dark chocolates and spend an evening with yourself and a favorite author!

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Pick up a dose of sexy for the week. Try one of the books below. Go on. No one is telling!



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