Writer Spotlight: Ryan Jo Summers

Author :: Ryan Jo Summers
Your Website or Blog :: https:www.summersrye.wordpress.com

Enjoying nature and quiet, tranquil places in which to contemplate life’s mysteries, Ryan Jo Summers is a writer by nature. She recalls first taking pen to paper at the age of ten.

In the Author's Words :: I have always loved reading and writing. Poetry is a therapy. Fiction is both escaping and giving life to the voices inside me.  I write predominately romance with twists-- time travel blende with inspirational, shape shifting, paranormal, suspense and just sweet inspirational.

Title :: When Clouds Gather

So what's it about? :: Darby runs a successful B & B inn. A guest is
murdered and she's  #1 suspect.

The victim's  family wants justice. They hire P. I. Sam to get evidence.
Sam begins as Darby's much needed friend.

Things heat up with surprises at the Inn and with the attraction between
them. Then he confesses the truth, forcing them apart.

When a new threat rises, Darby must decide if she can trust Sam once more
or risk losing everything.

With permission I have been allowed to share her copyrighted work with you on my site. Please contact the author through her website before using any of the work seen here.  

Sample Reading::

"Aren't you scared to be alone with me?" She 
demanded. "The town murderess?"
He casually leaned against the truck, crossing his arms over his chest and 
lazily lifting one eyebrow. "Are you? A murderess that is?"
"Then I guess I'm not scared.",

© Ryan Jo Summers

What's on the Horizon? :: Contract signed with Soul Mate Publishing for book # 4, called Chasing the Painted Skies. Due out in November 2015.
Contract also signed for book # 5, called Glimpse Eternity. Due out with Melange Books Feb-March 2016.

Where can readers purchase your books or content? :: www.ryanjosummers.com

Any tips for aspiring writers? :: Always believe in yourself. Be open to worthy suggestions but never stop chasing your dream. Show up and do the work, work to improve and never lose faith in you.

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