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Here are a few new summer releases to check out if you are looking for African American Urban Fiction. These #AAUF authors know how to turn up the heat just in time for summer. All four authoress' have multiple published books so feel free to indulge. Ready, Set, Get your street read on!

Meet Amina, Eric, and Justin! The three of them are holding secrets that could make their lives chaotic, troublesome, and ruin relationships. Within the pages of this book are secrets, lies, deceit, and revenge!!! Secret love triangles, lusts, enemies, and guilt will place your heart, mind, and soul on an emotional roller coaster! When it is all said and done, someone will be hurt, the truth will surface, and secrets will be revealed! Who will be effected the most? The least? Find out now!! What are you waiting for?!!!
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Deadly Temptation  Deadly Temptation 2-Love's Story

Part 1 of a SHORT STORY SERIES that gives you a glimpse into the life....
Hoodrat- A female that exhibits trifling behavior and partakes in scandalous activity.
Sierra is a trifling hoe that cares only for herself despite the fact that she has three children who depend on her. Sucking, fucking, scheming, and living off of her children consume her life as she attempts to skate through life for free. When a scheme goes wrong and things come to a screeching halt, Sierra soon learns that every bridge she’s crossed has burned and no one is coming to her rescue. Walk with us, talk with us, and see things, through the eyes of a Hoodrat.
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Deceit, Lies, & Alibi's  Deceit, Lies, & Alibi's 2
All 4 Da Doe  All 4 Da Doe 2  Through The Eyes of A Hoodrat 2

Monica Carter is a successful matchmaker in her hometown. When it came to matching, Monica was everyone’s go-to girl. Monica had everything a woman could want, except a happy relationship. After being married for many years, she finds out life isn’t as good as she thought it was. Monica gets tired of being put on the back burner by her husband, Michael Carter and takes matters into her own hands.

Once Monica realizes that she could no longer hold her husband’s attention, she found sparks elsewhere. Alexander was your typical, young single guy, trying to find his way in life. After graduating college earlier than expected, his best friend Tamika refers him to her boss, Monica Carter, who is a successful matchmaker in Miami Florida. Alexander gets hired as a matchmaker consultant, and now working with Tamika. However, Alexander gets into a love triangle he never thought he would be in.

Monica and Alexander become really close friends, and turmoil breaks out in her business.
Find out what happens when friends mix business with pleasure. Does it work out, or will this successful business blow up in flames from drama?

After Monica is released from the hospital, she tries her best to get her life back on track. However, when she finds out that Michael was suspected of taking part in her attack, things take a turn and Monica takes matters into her hands, and things change for the worse.
Tamika is finally released from jail and it was hell getting out of the can. Once she was released, she figured she needed to find her true self. However, as she is finding herself, she learns the man she loves has better plans for himself and Tamika is not happy about it. Tamika also holds the truth about something and it could save a life, but or be the end for her.
Michael is trying his best to keep it together, but with so much on his plate, will his secrets be revealed or will be able to keep his skeletons in his closet?
Alexander is trying to get himself together. He has a new lady in his life. Will things start to look up for him or will history repeat itself?
In this gripping finale, things are more hectic than before. When the dust settles, will the real enemy be revealed.
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Young Lady  Young Lady 2: Karma is A Bitch  Young Lady 3: Hell and Hip Hop

Michael ‘Meeko’ Williams and his brother have relocated from Atlanta, GA to the small town of Boykins, VA in an attempt to start fresh. After doing so much dirt in the streets of Atlanta the only option left for the twenty-six year old dope boy is to leave or end up in an early grave but everyone knows that relocating doesn’t change who you are.
Being a hustler at heart, it was nothing for Meeko to come to the country and quickly have everything on lock. Him, his brother, and their new team have money flowing in like water and with the money comes women, willing and ready to do anything for a chance at being the main chic of a well-paid dope boy. Problem is Meeko only has eyes for one woman... Cookie. Cookie’s the complete opposite of all of the women that Meeko’s dealt with since arriving in Boykins, including his baby mama Shy. Quiet, hardworking, intelligent, and simply determined to have more than what her non-supportive family envisioned for her. She’s also been able to stay away from the BS of the small town. That is until her and Meeko’s paths cross… she’s exactly what Meeko feels he needs in his life but his fast paced, chaotic lifestyle isn’t what she wants or needs, which causes her to initially ignore all of his attempts to pursue her.
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TREMAINE: When A Man's Fed Up  From Main Chic To Side Chic: The La'Quela Chambers Story

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