Writer Spotlight: Michael W Holman

Author- Michael W. Holman
Blog - MichaelWHolman.blogspot.com

An Oregon DOT worker by day and a writer by night, Michael has engaged in some major writing endeavors this past month. But you have to visit his blog to see what he has been up to in addition to writing his novel.

In the Author's Words - While I was attending business college, I was 
getting stressed out about my study load because I'd graduated from high 
school four years before and worried that I was in over my head.  Several 
of my friends suggested that I take some time to shove all my structured 
writing assignments aside for awhile and, after allowing myself fifteen 
minutes to brainstorm, start writing something from my imagination, no 
matter how fanciful it seems.  I still use their advice to this day.

To this point, my writing genre has been paranormal romance fiction.

What are you sharing today? - RESOLVE AND RETRIBUTION

With permission I have been allowed to share his copyrighted work with you on my site. Please contact the author through his website before using any of the work seen here.

So what's it about? - By day, Ben Hammonds appears to be just another
ordinary guy who pays his bills by working for an Oregon state agency. But
once the sun sets, he and his vampire girlfriend Tabitha battle an undead
adversary who holds a grudge.

A quick peek inside! "I hate her.  Just kidding."  Stacie jammed the remainder 
of her cigarette in the Chevy's ashtray.  "Is she a runner, too?"

I grinned.

"Why, you athletic romantic!  That was the catalyst, wasn't it?  Your 
running--I was right!  She can keep up with you?"

I snorted.  "She can leave me behind within two seconds."

"That does it.  I've gotta meet this woman."

"Not likely, Cee.  Tabitha and I are too nocturnal.  You and Tom make 
chickens look like party animals.",

Where can readers purchase your books or content?


What's on the Horizon? - Here lately I've written a number of short 
stories that involve classic cars, ghosts, or both, but my "main event" is 
finishing my adult science fiction thriller novel I've 
entitled "ESCALATION".

The plot is that a half-human boy grows up with extremely powerful 
telekinetic ability, and he must battle an alien that has come to Earth (it 
has infested a British World War I tank) in an endgame duel within a 
secluded area of Silver Falls State Park in Oregon.

My intent is to finish writing this novel in the summer of 2016.

Your favorite author (s)?  K.N. Lee, Stephen King, Tom Clancy

Any tips for aspiring writers?  Our intentions are the starting line, but 
it's our actions that will take us into the finish chute.

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