New Release: Never Forgotten

Never Forgotten out July 1

Author: G H Mockford

What inspires you?: I am inspired by the smallest things around me,
but mostly by other good books and films that I read or see. I write books 
that I would want to read, and hope others do too.
I write crime thrillers, MG fantasy fiction and will soon be embarking on a
swashbuckling/kungfu fantasy for adults.

Where can readers purchase your books or content? ::

From there you can pre order or purchase books for kindle, Nook and Kobo.

Who are your favorite author (s)? :: Michael Connelly, Simon Kernick,

What tips do you have for aspiring writers? :: Keep going. Never give up. Write everyday.

What's on the Horizon? :: My next thriller, Never Forgotten, is out the 1st of
July 2015. I am currently finishing the first draft of my swashbuckling
fantasy and then I will be editing and preparing my latest MG book.

So what's your new release about? :: The story revolves around two main characters. The
first is Stephen, who has been searching for his missing foster sister for
the last ten years. The second is Georgia, a sixteen year old who has been
kidnapped off the streets and is being held prisoner, chained to the wall
in a dark room. The two story lines collide with frightening, and dangerous results.

With permission I have been allowed to share her copyrighted work with you on my site. Please contact the author through her website before using any of the work seen here.  

Title: Never Forgotten

Can we peek inside the story: In this scene, Georgia has just discovered a fireplace in 
the dark room where she is being held. she things she hears a voice coming 
from the other side.

"Hello?" she asked, and then held her breath.
Georgia's shoulders dropped and she let out a long sigh. Convinced she had
imagined it, Georgia turned from the fireplace and headed back to the chair. As soon as she sat down, she heard a tapping. It was muted, almost dead, but a sound nonetheless.
She headed back to the fireplace again.
"Hello?" came a voice from it.
Georgia jumped back. Her heart raced.
"Hello," came the voice again. It was a woman's.
At first Georgia did not move. She did not even breathe. Then a smile spread across her face.
She was not alone.
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It was almost too good to be true, except it meant that some other poor, innocent woman was in the same situation as her.
"Hello?" came the voice again.
"Hello," Georgia called back, her voice quiet and cautious. This small
glimmer of hope could be so easily taken away if he heard them conversing.

"I can hardly hear you."

"Hang on." Georgia gathered the chain so that it would not rattle across the bare floor and made her way to the fireplace. One hand let the chain back out as the other groped in the darkness to locate the chimney breast.
When her trembling fingertips came into contact with it the wall felt cold and damp. A quick search downward revealed the mantelpiece. Georgia crouched, her fingers following the ornately decorated fire surround, leaving her convinced more than ever that whoever owned this house was wealthy.
Georgia moved forward and called into the firebox. "Is that better?"
"Oh, thank God," came the eager reply. "I was beginning to think I imagined
"No, I'm real; though there are times I wish I wasn't." Georgia's shoulders
began to shake and hot tears spilled from her eyes. The relief of hearing 
another voice was too much to bear.

"Are you hurt?" the voice asked, her concern easy to hear.

"No. No, it just feels like a lifetime since I spoke to anyone," Georgia 
said, wiping the tears from her cheeks. The sleeve was still wet and cold 
from earlier. Georgia shifted her position, sat cross-legged before the 
fire, and waited for a reply.
None came.

"Hello?" she whispered.
A few moments later, Georgia realized why silence had fallen. There was a
creak from outside the door.

©G H Mockford

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