Reading Matters

Reading to children prior to pre school gives them comfort. It helps to awaken their sense of wonder and expand their vocabulary, their comprehension of languages and spoken words and helps with enunciation. It settles them down after a hectic day of being...well.. kids. Reading to adults, the elderly, the sick, also gives a sense of peace, helps those in comas stay connected, helps the baby in the womb recognize your voice. Reading builds bridges of knowledge and helps to close the gap between status. Access to and comprehension of the written word helps to further education and careers.

There are many studies that show that just 20 minutes of reading can improve all of the aforementioned things and help with better grades and confidence in academics. By the time they are young adults, reading is an ingrained and inherent part of their life. With greater understanding, a person's world view expands and they are not so caged into just their environment. Like the internet, books bring the world to children and they still do. And yes, everything ever written is someone's ideal or opinion, some based in fact and study but some shrouded in mystery and fantasy. Yet it is our decision to choose what we read, what our children have access to read.
Reading Matters.

I need everyone's help to do it. I learned a long time ago that giving is a blessing and it helps in ways we can't always foresee.

The Boys and Girls Club has programs that help with child development and safety, giving a safe place to kids to be after school while many low income and single parent households have adults working multiple jobs just to make ends meet. I was one of those parents, working 2 and 3 jobs just to make ends meet, but I gave even then through payroll deductions to support them. In Florida, many grandparents are raising children on their retirement income and extra books for pleasure may not be in the budget. The Boys and Girls clubs help with homework and reading assignments.

Due to my health issues I had to take a severe cut in pay and hours and have turned to blogging in hopes of supporting myself but just like when I was working a traditional job I still want to be able to give something back to the community. Reading is so important. Authors, Bloggers and aspiring writers were all first excellent readers and had someone in their life introduce them to books.

Since I had a small run in with cancer years ago, I wanted to give back in that area as well. I additionally, lost an aunt to breast cancer. St Jude's mission to children and families touches me but I have only been able to donate a few times. I would like to be able to do so monthly. I think the minimum is $10 a month.

I put buy/donation buttons on the site. One on the Hello Page ($5) and the other on the Writers Page (you choose the amount).

A portion of the proceeds earned by supporting this site through purchasing products offered and ad space will go towards helping me make donations to both organizations monthly as long as there is money generated. My goal is 10% to each organization. That is more than we were allowed to donate while working. Max was 5% of income. Even if you don't donate here donate to the organizations directly on behalf of She Reads. Reading Matters.

Help support the operation of this blog by purchasing products, requesting paid reviews, buying ad space or making a small donation. Donations help support Boys and Girls Club and St Jude Children's Hospital too. Creating better readers and future writers! Thank you!


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