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Author - Melissa Maygrove
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A woman of many hats, wife, mother, nurse, freelance editor and romance author, Native Texan author Melissa Maygrove shares her highly rated Western Historical Romance on She Reads today.

In the Author's Words - I love most any kind or romance, although I do 
read other genres. As my bio says, I like unpretentious characters and 
unforgettable romance, and I strive to create those same kinds of stories 
for my readers. I'm currently writing westerns, but a dystopian is in the 


So what's it about? :: COME BACK is a story about a young lady named 
Rebecca who is left behind by a wagon train in the wilderness of New Mexico 
Territory. The hero, Seth, finds her and convinces her to let him take her 
to find her family. They fall in love on the way, of course. Problem is, 
Rebecca's already betrothed.

With permission I have been allowed to share her copyrighted work with you on my site. Please contact the author through her website before using any of the work seen here. 

Share a peak into the story with us!
On his way back to the main room, something caught 
[Seth's] eye. A small leather-bound book lay open on [Rebecca's] vanity. It 
looked like a diary. He glanced around the corner. She was clearing the 
dishes from supper, so he ducked into her room and picked it up. He 
despised himself for what he was about to do, but he was desperate to know 
what she was thinking.

'October 14th
He kissed me today. It was a simple kiss, just a brush of his lips, but it 
blazed through me like a grass fire on a windy day. My heart pounded and my 
knees gave way. If he hadn't held me up, I would have crumpled to the 
How is it that such a simple thing can feel so wonderful? I have touched 
people before and been touched, shaking hands... caring for the sick... a 
goodbye kiss for my grandmother, but none of that ever felt like this. 
Every place he touches me tingles with a strange heat that makes my insides 
shiver and my heart long for more.
I know it is terribly wanton of me to say, but I want more.'

Seth swallowed. His pulse sped and his hands trembled as he turned the page.

'October 15th
I lay awake last night, thinking of him, his golden hair and his vivid blue 
eyes that seem to see straight to my soul. I can't get him or his kiss out 
of my mind. It consumes me hour by hour. The mere thought of him stirs me 
deep inside, and not only in my heart. It stirs me in places I cannot talk 
about... dare even think about.
I know there is more that goes on between men and women than the caress of 
a face or the brush of lips, and I know it is wrong, but I want him to do 
more, to teach me more. If I don't quench this longing, I will surely go 

Seth's throat went dry. He practically shook with desire as he turned the 
He laid the book aside and closed his eyes, and then he gritted his teeth 
and clenched his fists in a tenuous bid for control. He'd never wanted a 
woman so badly in his life, and now, to know she wanted him just as 
much--damnation! It was more than he could take. It was all he could do not 
to run and bury himself in her body.
Becca's confession had stolen what little doubt he had left about her 
feelings for him.
He prayed it hadn't stolen his decency right along with it.

©Melissa Maygrove

What's on the Horizon? - A companion novel to COME BACK, my Historical 
Western debut, is slated to be released this summer or early fall.

Where can readers purchase your books or content?Amazon / Kindle 

B&N http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/come-back-melissa-maygrove/1119438653


Your favorite author (s)? :: Although my favorite genre is Western 
Historical, my favorite author right now is Grace Burrowes (her regencies)

Any tips for aspiring writers? :: Learning to write fiction takes time. 
Don't rush it. (COME BACK was my first novel to publish but my third to 
write.) Learn all you can and seek out good critique partners. Make sure 
you're ready before you query or publish your debut. You don't get a second 
chance to make a first impression.

You can find more by Melissa Maygrove on  Amazon/Kindle, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads

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