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Author- Paula C. Moss
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After a successful 25 year career, being a wife and mother, English Author Paula C Moss debuts her newest novel on the heals of her first release that was within her from the beginning. You'll have to visit her site to see what it is and also read the rave reviews she has received. while you are there you may even learn about the English Civil War.

In the Author's Words - My inspiration is the courage and passion of 
ordinary people living in extraordinary times. Growing up, learning to live 
and to love, stumbling along the way and working things out -- these are the 
things that interest me as a writer.
I write stories, not to change the world but to lighten up an afternoon. My 
favourite genre is Historical Romance. Stories set in the past with 
engaging characters and magical times.

Title- The Widow's Tale

So what's it about? - Charlotte Hart is the 17 year old war widow bouncing 
back from the frustration of an arranged marriage to reclaim her lands and 
live 'by her own command.'  Nate Weatherall is the sexy Rebel cavalry 
officer determined to make her live by his.  Will they find love, or will 
they kill each other trying?

With permission I have been allowed to share her copyrighted work with you on my site. Please contact the author through her website before using any of the work seen here.


I came around on my bed, with his face looming over me. It was becoming a 
'You fainted,' he said. 'I caught you. Cat's gone to get her smelling 
'Get away from me.' He raised his hands in submission. 'I don't need you to 
save me from anything,' I said, twisting my weight on to my side, and 
turning my back to him. 'She told me you'd gone. I don't ever want to see 
you again,' I hissed.
'I was gone, I forgot something.'
'I never forget anything,' I muttered.
'You look as though you've forgotten how to eat,' he said, undeterred. 'You 
need to eat.'
'I need you not to be here.'
'I'll go when Cat returns. She told me to stay with you.'
I buried my face in my pillow, then suddenly, I felt his hand stroke my 
back the way it had before.
'Why are you doing that?' I snapped.
'Because I got the impression you found it a comfort, and I can't think of 
anything else to do.' He lent over me so I lay on my side between his arms, 
his face quite close to mine. I closed my eyes, assaulted by strange 
conflicted feelings. I could smell him; clean, lye, essence of Nate. It 
always affected me. My head shifted, opening my neck to him. Kiss me it was 
saying. Traitorous neck. 'You have to get going again, Charlotte. The pain 
will go when you move on. Let it go.' He was still stroking my back. His 
other hand was so close to my own I thought I could feel the warmth 
emanating from it. I unfurled a finger and touched it. Why? His thumb 
reciprocated sending a little spasm of electricity up my arm, and beyond. I 
gasped. He lent closer, his breath felt warm against my ear.
'You are so beguiling, mistress.'
'And you are not,' I mumbled.
'Is that so?' Oh, the way he said that. It made me melt. He brushed his 
thumb over my finger again. 'Be angry with me if it helps, Charlotte, but 
moving on will help you more, I promise.'
'Angry with you? - I wish I had the strength.'
'Oh you do. Believe me, it's in there.' The thumb brushed over my knuckles 
again. My breath snagged.

©Paula C Moss





What's on the Horizon?
I'm writing on the second novel in this series.

The Widow's Tale is the first in a series of  English Civil War novels 
under the banner  'Swords, Saints and Sinners.' The second 'The Lacemakers 
Tale,' is almost ready and should launch early autumn. I'm finishing now 
with editing and polishing.
At the same time I am trying to promote The Widow's Tale. I'm pretty busy!

Where can readers purchase your books or content?- Amazon is the place 
you'll find  'The Widow's Tale,' -- my debut novel. You can get an idea of 
the story and sample extracts by following the link to my site. 

What authors do you  read?
Jane Austen, John Steinbeck, Stella Riley,  Albert Camus.

Any tips for aspiring writers?
Just do it. The book won't write itself. 
Don't worry about writing the greatest book the world ever read. You have 
to learn to write bad before you progress to write good.

You can find more work by author Paula C Moss on Amazon/Kindle and Goodreads 

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